FIRESERV 255 40th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232
FIRESERV 255 40th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
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Why FireServ

Why You Should Choose FireServ


Hands-on Management

Senior Management is directly involved with all our clients’ needs.

Extensive Management Experience

FireServ has 20+ years in the fire protection business.

Up-front Pricing

We offer transparent pricing and are committed to long term superior service.

Easy Transition

FireServ can help you manage your fire safety compliance in all your locations.

National vs. Local

The below analysis details the positive aspects of working with one national company like FireServ versus using several local companies for your business’ fire protection and life safety needs. But the bottom line is this: FireServ provides an outstanding level of service that gives you peace of mind at a reduced cost.

Working with Local vendors
Working with Fireserv
Administrative Expense
Process several invoices from different vendors at various costs.
Fireserv provides one monthly bill at pre-approved costs.
Coordination Expense
Arrange, schedule, approve work at all locations (either by home, office or store).
Fireserv handles coordination of all inspections and service calls.
Qualifying Vendors
Confirm work is done by “legitimate companies”.
Fireserv Customer Care Agents (CCA’s) are factory trained and licensed in their respective areas.
Meeting Local Fire Codes
Spend time speaking with local authorities having jurisdiction & dealing with violations with store managers.
Fireserv is familiar with local and national codes & will handle all inquiries and violation removals.
Keeping records of last inspections & fire department correspondence for each store.
Fireserv maintains records of all work performed & provides reports as needed.
Unauthorized Service
Dealing with the companies that work at stores without permission.
Only Fireserv authorized CCA’s perform service. ‘Notice Tags’ are affixed to equipment at each location as a precaution.
Consult store or local yellow pages to handle an emergency.
Call Fireserv toll-free number for 24-hour service.
Extra Services
Contract various vendors to handle extinguisher, lighting, panic alarm and other services.
Fireserv offers ‘one-stop shopping’ for all fire and life safety products and services.

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