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Emergency & Exit Lighting Service, Maintenance, Testing, Installation


Emergency Exit Lighting Systems

If and when there’s a power outage at your property, you will need emergency and exit lighting systems to guide people on the premises towards safety. The most important aspect of these systems is ensuring they’re fully functional at all times, even when they are not being used.

FireServ has a network of dedicated and skilled professionals who ensure the emergency, and exit lighting in your business’ locations is up to code. We make sure to make the best recommendations for each individual location to help you avoid excess costs.

FireServ will ensure that your emergency exit lighting systems are operational and trustworthy at all times so that the locations are not in violation of any local or state fire codes and your properties are adequately protected. FireServ offers cost-effective nationwide management of fire and life safety requirements for companies that operate multiple locations.

FireServ’s Emergency Exit Lighting Services:

  • Inspections And Testing
  • Battery And Bulb Replacement
  • New Fixtures
  • LED Fixtures And Retrofit Kits
  • Preventative Maintenance
Emergency Exit Lighting Service
Emergency Lighting Service

Emergency Exit Lighting Testing And Maintenance Services

An emergency exit lighting system is crucial in case of a fire emergency to assist occupants in evacuating the building safely. If the light bulbs are not tested regularly, it may result in unexpected light bulb outages, which may cause a serious problem during a fire emergency. Thus, they must be well maintained. At FireServ, we not only provide emergency exit lighting system installation, we also offer exit lighting testing and maintenance services by certified professionals. Our professionals will ensure that your emergency exit lighting systems are up to code and well-designed to complement your emergency exit plan.

Our certified professionals are well-versed in designing emergency exit lighting systems that help the occupants evacuate the building quickly and efficiently. Our experts will also train your employees to visually inspect the exit lighting systems periodically so they will learn to identify any potential issues and know when to call for a professional for assistance. If you plan to make any changes to your building’s layout, it is highly recommended to update the emergency lighting systems accordingly for everyone’s safety. Also, if you haven’t updated your emergency lighting system, it is crucial to update it as per the revised NFPA regulation from time to time. Our professionals would love to assist you if you wish to employ an emergency lighting service to upgrade your existing system.

If you haven’t had an emergency exit lighting testing and inspection in your facility for more than six months, reach out to the FireServ team to schedule an inspection today!

With FireServ managing your business’ fire and life safety requirements, you will benefit from:

  • Centralized Control & Hands-On Management
  • Personal Account Managers
  • Guaranteed Nationwide Compliance
  • 24 Hour Hotline For Service Requests
  • Flexible Billing Terms
  • Limited Paperwork And Precise Record Keeping
  • Professional Fieldwork Performed By Factory Trained And Fully Licensed Technicians (CCA Network)

In a case of an emergency or fire, emergency lighting systems will allow individuals to safely and quickly move out of the premises through the designated routes.

FireServ emergency and exit lighting services help your business stays compliant with all codes and keep your property and people safe. Contact us today to learn more about emergency & exit lighting installation, Panic Bars Installation Services, maintenance, testing for your business’ multiple locations.

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