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Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Testing, Maintenance, Services

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Fire Extinguisher Installation and Services

From fire extinguisher installation to annual inspections, FireServ offers quality fire extinguisher services, including fire extinguisher maintenance and repairs, across the United States and other parts of North America, including Canada & Mexico. A major advantage of partnering with FireServ is our cost-effective nationwide management of fire and life safety requirements, especially to companies that operate across multiple locations.

Why do fire extinguishers need annual inspections and maintenance?

Annual maintenance of all fire extinguisher equipment is as imperative as the installation of a custom fire safety system to ensure your building is prepared to contain a fire situation. Moreover, ensure your commercial property and its occupants are aware and have easy access to the safety tools installed as per OSHA guidelines.

Get high-quality and reliable fire protection services

Fireserv technicians are licensed, highly skilled, and have years of experience in providing customized fire safety solutions to multi-location hospitality businesses, restaurants, and retail enterprises nationwide. Whether you need FireServ to manage 5 or 50 of your locations, we guarantee the same high-quality fire protection services and life safety systems.

To book a regular fire sprinkler inspection for your business, contact us today!

Why Choose FireServ?

With Fire Protection And Life Safety Systems Installed And Managed By FireServ, Your Business Will Benefit From:

  • Centralized Control
  • Limited Paperwork And Precise Record Keeping
  • Six-Year Maintenance And 5- And 12- Year Hydrotesting
  • Nationally Professional Fieldwork Performed By Factory Trained And Fully Licensed Technicians
Fire Extinguisher System
Fire Extinguisher Testing

Fire Extinguisher Testing and Maintenance Services

FireServ experts operate in strict accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), to ensure all fire safety systems are in place and fully functional. Our technicians routinely guide clients on-site and telephonically on the proper protocol to perform fire extinguisher inspections in compliance with the relevant NFPA regulations. Monthly visual inspection by trained personnel of a commercial building is equally critical, as is consulting the services of trained and licensed professionals.

Call us at (800) 567-5740, (718) 499-4805, or reach out to us online to schedule a fire extinguisher inspection today.

What do fire extinguisher testing and maintenance services include?

Our annual fire extinguisher testing and maintenance services include:
  • Checking each canister minutely to ensure zero signs of damage before signing it off
  • During these testing and inspection visits, FireServ technicians will perform visual checks
  • In addition to inspecting the CO2 and cartridge-operated extinguishers to ensure that they are not tampered with, used, or expired
  • Our technicians ensure your fire extinguishers are well-maintained and in good condition to be used in an emergency fire accident.
  • Our experts will also handle all chemical and hydrostatic testing at your commercial building.

You can choose annual and semi-annual inspections with your installation plan to set up maintenance and service upfront with FireServ.

Hire our comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection and testing services

FireServ also offers fire extinguisher recharge services during the inspections and testing runs. We take fire safety very seriously. Hence, expect our technicians always to check every fire extinguisher canister, ensuring the pressure gauge is intact and indicates a fully charged extinguisher. Even a minor accidental discharge situation is enough for us to put in a replacement call. With FireServ, you get uncompromised fire safety.

We are dedicated to ensuring fire extinguisher compliance with the relevant fire protection codes across the U.S. Contact our certified professionals for expert assistance today!

Get in touch with Fireserv for Fire Extinguisher Testing and Repairs.

Contact FireServ today to make sure all your locations are fully compliant with applicable codes. You can avoid the massive fines you might have to incur from not having regular fire extinguisher inspections and other life safety equipment in your buildings properly maintained.

Our professionals are trained to make the right recommendations for individual scenarios, helping your business avoid unnecessary costs and save the occupants from potential fire hazards. Routinely performed fire extinguisher testing and repairs can be the difference between the significant loss to life and property. Thus, to minimize downtime in repairs, choose professional fire safety services by FireServ’s team of licensed technicians.

Call today to speak to one of our experts about the benefits of choosing a nationwide fire protection compliance company. FireServ can provide fire extinguisher services, fire alarm services, and all other fire protection compliance services for your commercial building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multi-purpose fire extinguisher?

ABC or multi-purpose fire extinguishers are specialized fire extinguishers designed to extinguish various types of fires. They contain a specialized dry chemical extinguishing agent. Therefore, they can be used to extinguish Class A fires involving combustibles (such as paper or wood), Class B fires involving flammable liquids and flammable gases, and electrical equipment fires classified as Class C.

What is the importance of a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are important to extinguish small fires and prevent them from turning into massive disasters. Thus, the safety of your building’s occupants depends on the efficiency of the fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.

How often must a fire extinguisher be inspected?

A fire extinguisher needs monthly, semi-annual, and annual inspections. The monthly inspections can be performed by a building supervisor. However, annual or semi-annual inspections must be performed by a certified expert.

Can any sort of fire be extinguished using any extinguisher?

No, the same type of fire extinguisher cannot be used for all kinds of fires. Each fire is fueled by a different type of material and is classified into five categories: Class A, B, C, D, and K. For every kind of fire, a specific type of fire extinguisher is required.

Which type of fire extinguisher do you use to fight an electrical fire?

Fires originating from electrical wiring, motors, machinery, or appliances are classified as class C fires. These fires can spread more if you use a water-based class A fire extinguisher. Thus, you need to use a Class ‘C’ fire extinguisher to extinguish an electrical fire.

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