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Fire Extinguisher Service, Inspections, Testing, Maintenance

fire extinguisher services

The first line of defense against fires is often a fire extinguisher. They are an absolute must-have and are regulated by many local and state fire codes. It is critical that your business’ fire extinguishers are properly maintained, serviced, fully functional, and ready-to-use always. FireServ ensures that the fire extinguishers across all your properties are periodically tested and inspected by trustworthy, fully certified fire protection professionals. We make sure that your buildings are fully compliant with all applicable fire safety codes. We guarantee fire extinguisher compliance nationwide and provide a 24-hour hotline for all emergency service requests.

FireServ offers quality fire extinguisher services, including fire extinguisher testing and repairs, across the United States and other parts of North America, including Canada & Mexico. A major advantage of partnering with FireServ is our cost-effective nationwide management of fire and life safety requirements, especially to companies that operate across multiple locations. We work with a wide variety of multi-location hospitality businesses, restaurants, and retail businesses nationwide. Whether you need FireServ to manage 5 or 50 of your locations, we guarantee the same high-quality fire protection services and life safety systems.

FireServ’s Fire Extinguisher Services:

  • Service and Tag annually per NFPA-10
  • Recharge and test as required per state and local codes
  • Six-year maintenance and 5- and 12- year hydrotesting nationally
  • Provision of new extinguishers, cabinets, parts, and signs
  • Usage Instructions
Fire Extinguisher System
Fire Extinguisher Testing

With Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems installed and managed by FireServ, your business will benefit from:

  • Centralized control
  • Limited paperwork and precise record keeping
  • Professional fieldwork performed by factory trained and fully licensed technicians

Contact FireServ today to make sure all your locations are fully compliant with applicable codes. Avoid any fees or fines you might incur from not having regular fire extinguisher inspections and other life safety equipment in your buildings properly maintained. Our professionals are trained to make the right recommendations for individual scenarios, helping your business avoid unnecessary costs. Call today to speak to one of our experts about the benefits of choosing a nationwide fire protection compliance company. FireServ can provide fire extinguisher services, fire suppression systems, and all other fire protection compliance services for your multiple locations.

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