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Restaurant Fire Suppression System, Inspection, Repair, Service


Restaurant Fire Suppression Installation, Inspections.

Kitchens are highly prone to fire accidents. Under most local and state fire safety regulations, it is necessary to implement effective kitchen fire suppression systems for the safety of your employees, customers, and premises. With over 50 years of experience in restaurant fire protection compliance, FireServ can provide your building with the best restaurant fire suppression systems at an affordable cost. We ensure that all of your restaurant’s locations are up to code so that your business doesn’t have to pay hefty fines while it is adequately equipped to deal with fire accidents.

Our factory-trained and licensed field agent network will provide your business with expert restaurant fire suppression installation, inspections, and maintenance. We make sure that all components of your restaurant fire suppression system are maintained and ready to go if needed, including the piping, cylinders, nozzles, pull stations, cartridges, fusible links, and more. FireServ will perform the required Semi-Annual service per NFPA-17, 17A & 96 codes.

Fireserv professionals are trained to make the best recommendations for your locations specifically so that your business avoids any excess costs. We make sure that your people and properties are protected by providing restaurant fire suppression system inspections while ensuring your building is compliant with all applicable fire codes.

FireServ’s Multi-Location Restaurant Fire Suppression Services:

  • Semi-Annual Service Per NFPA-17, 17A & 96
  • Replacement Of Fusible Links And Nozzle Caps Regularly
  • Reporting And Recommendations
  • New System Installations And Replacement Parts
Restaurant Suppression System
Restaurant Fire Suppression Services

Restaurant Fire Suppression System Inspection, installation

The grease and cooking oil fires could ignite and spread much faster. But only installing an automated kitchen fire suppression system is not enough. Its regular inspections and maintenance are just as critical for the safety of your restaurant staff and cooking equipment. At FireServ, our team offers Restaurant Fire Suppression System Inspection, installation, and maintenance services to keep your kitchen hood clean and code-compliant. If you ever notice any grease residue buildup, broken nozzles, or suspect something wrong with the suppression system, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of certified experts for immediate assistance.

Whether you need a monthly, semi-annual, or annual inspection, an emergency repair, or replacement of your existing outdated fire suppression system, our team is well-equipped to provide timely solutions. We have been offering top-quality fire protection products for commercial businesses in North America at competitive prices for many years. Our certified fire protection experts specialize in completely replacing your old system with a modern, custom-made system well-suited for restaurant fire protection and is in full compliance with relevant fire safety codes. So if you require professional fire protection system services, we would love to assist you!

Also, if you need any assistance in choosing which type of fire suppression system might be right for your restaurant, you can always rely on our team for quality solutions. Our experts at FireServ are highly knowledgeable regarding restaurant fire protection compliance standards nationwide.

Do not let regular inspections and maintenance slip your mind. Schedule a consultation with our certified fire protection experts today!

FireServ Nationwide Fire Protection Compliance Benefits:

  • Centralized Control & Hands On Management
  • Personal Account Managers
  • Guaranteed Nationwide Compliance
  • 24 Hour Hotline For Service Requests
  • Flexible Billing Terms
  • Limited Paperwork And Precise Record Keeping
  • Professional Fieldwork Performed By Factory Trained And Fully Licensed Technicians (CCA Network)

Restaurant Fire Suppression System Maintenance

The experts at FireServ provide bi-annual restaurant fire suppression system maintenance which includes the changing of heat detectors and Nitrogen cartridges. We offer a 24-hour hotline for all service requests and are prepared to respond quickly to any emergency service requests.

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