FIRESERV 255 40th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232
FIRESERV 255 40th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
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Fire Extinguisher Service, Inspections, Testing, Maintenance

The first line of defense against fires often a fire extinguisher. They are an absolute must-have, and are regulated…

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Emergency & Exit Lighting Service, Maintenance, Testing

If and when there’s power outage at your property, you will need emergency and exit lighting systems to guide people on the premises…

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Panic Bar & Exit Door Alarm Service

FireServ offers installations, repairs, and maintenance for panic bars, exit door alarms and a wide range of fire-exit hardware…

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Restaurant Fire Suppression System, Inspection, Repair, Service

Kitchens are highly prone to fire incidents and accidents. It is necessary under most local and state fire safety regulations…

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Fire Sprinkler System Service, Inspections, Installation

FireServ provides fire sprinkler services for businesses nationwide, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

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Commercial Fire Alarm Service, Maintenance, Inspections, Testing & Installations

Fire alarms are an integral part of any business’ fire safety systems. The importance of having properly functioning fire alarms…

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