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Emergency Panic Bar & EXIT Door Alarm Service, Repairs

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Emergency Panic Bar & EXIT Door Alarm Service, Repairs

Exit door alarms and panic bars provide easy access to emergency exits during emergency situations. These exit doors swing in a smooth manner to ensure all occupants, including the young, old, and physically challenged, are able to evacuate in an organized and efficient manner. Fireserv will ensure that all of your business’s locations are up to the latest fire codes and that your exit door alarms and panic bars installation and servicing are done properly.

Panic bars and exit door alarms are important features that must be installed in all commercial buildings as per OSHA regulations. These devices consist of a spring-loaded metal bar that unlocks when pressed in an attempt to open a door. The alarm system installed as an extension on the doors with panic bars can also alert the security if an emergency exit seems to be accessed against permission/protocol.

Panic Bars Repairs

FireServ offers repairs and maintenance for panic bars, exit door alarms, and a wide range of fire-exit hardware to ensure compliance with local, state, and national fire safety codes. Our factory-trained and licensed field agents conduct a thorough inspection of your property in order to make the best recommendations for keeping your business safe and up to code.

Once they have considered the requirements and applicable codes, they will decide on cost-effective solutions for your business’s exit door alarm systems. Our expert technicians are certified and trained to offer emergency exit doors and panic bars installation, inspection, maintenance, and, repairs.

Be prepared for a fire emergency with an industrial-grade, highly sophisticated fire alarm system with us. FireServ is sworn to safeguard your building’s occupants and inventory.

Panic Bars For Exit Doors
Emergency Exit Doors

FireServ Nationwide Fire Protection Compliance Benefits:

  • Centralized Control & Hands On Management
  • Personal Account Managers
  • Guaranteed Nationwide Compliance
  • 24 Hour Hotline For Service Requests
  • Flexible Billing Terms
  • Limited Paperwork And Precise Record Keeping
  • Professional Fieldwork Performed By Factory Trained And Fully Licensed Technicians (CCA Network)

Emergency exit doors with panic bars and alarms installed are integral features in an institutional, retail, or commercial building to monitor any miscreant accessing the clearly labeled “only for emergency” doors for other purposes. Moreover, FireServ experts strongly urge companies to not overlook the feature of an alarm on the emergency exit door as it also alerts the management/security in case the fire alarm system failed to function.

FireServ experts ensure that the emergency exit doors in your property strengthen the safety and security of the occupants and merchandise of the business. Our licensed technicians begin by probing the existing fire safety features of all buildings, highlighting any deficiencies so new and updated fire safety hardware can be installed to fulfill the emergency exit fire codes and compliance.

Our emergency exit door alarm services are reliable and will ensure your business is not liable for any fines due to violations of local, state, or national fire safety codes. Contact us today to learn more about all of our nationwide fire protection compliance services including panic bars and exit door alarms.

Panic Bars and Emergency Exit Doors Repairs

At FireServ, our technicians are trained to question every pre-installed hardware and inspect them all minutely to check for optimal functionality, quality, and strength. We perform periodic testing of panic bars and emergency exit doors repairs as needed. All FireServ installed fire safety equipment is of the highest quality and we maintain this equipment with timely maintenance and repair checks. We also train all building personnel on how to properly perform visual monthly inspections and call FireServ experts immediately to replace any malfunctioning or damaged equipment.

Avoid fines for being in violation of codes; call the fire safety experts at FireServ today for Panic Bars Exit Doors Installation !

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