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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Installation in California

A kitchen can be a very dangerous place if you do not have the proper safety measures put into place to keep yourself and your staff safe. Sometimes something like a small grease fire, can escalate quickly if your kitchen isn’t equipped with a fire suppression system. At FireServ, we take immense pride in ensuring that all of our clients are equipped and prepared to deal with any unexpected fire emergency that might take place in their restaurants kitchen.

FireServ has made it their mission to service all of their California clients by ensuring that they are meeting their fire safety needs. It is extremely important that your fire safety system is compliant with your local and state codes. We can provide you and your property with the best in restaurant fire suppression systems, all at an affordable cost to you.

Our highly professional staff is trained to make sure that they make the best recommendations for your restaurant fire suppression system needs, at no excess cost to you or your business. We make sure that your people and property will remain protected when you decide to align your restaurant with us. We make sure to provide you with the proper installation, maintenance, and inspections to make sure everything is running in top condition.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Maintenance and Inspections

With FireServ you can rest assured that all of your restaurant’s fire safety concerns are being met. All of our fieldwork is conducted by our expert team of highly trained, and licensed technicians. Our team will work to provide your business with inspections and maintenance of your kitchen’s fire suppression system. We will make sure that every component of your restaurant’s system is maintained and ready to go at a moments notice.

With our bi-annual maintenance provided by our team, you won’t ever have to worry about your system not being up to date. Our restaurant fire suppression system’s maintenance includes the changing of heat detectors, and nitrogen cartridges. We also make sure all the parts of your restaurant’s fire suppression system are maintained such as the piping, cylinders, nozzles, pull-stations, and fusible links. We will make sure to perform the required service per NFPA-17, 17A & 96 codes.

FireServ’s Benefits For Our Restaurant Fire Suppression Clients

Our professionals want to make sure that your California restaurant is kept compliant with all of your local, state, and national fire codes. Whether you’re in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or Riverside you can rest assured that when you choose FireServ you are choosing to align yourself with an expert team that will provide you with installation, maintenance, and inspections of your restaurant’s fire suppression system.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of choosing FireServ:

  • Hands-on management provided by our team
  • Your own personal account manager
  • Nationwide compliance for your restaurant
  • 24-hour hotline available for service requests
  • Accurate record-keeping with limited paperwork for you
  • All professional fieldwork is conducted by factory trained and licensed technicians

Contact FireServ For Your Restaurant’s Fire Suppression Needs

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