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Why You Should Use One National Fire Protection Compliance Company for Your Locations Nationwide

Why You Should Use One National Fire Protection Compliance Company for Your Locations Nationwide

If you manage properties nationwide, you are most likely using multiple fire protection compliance companies to keep your buildings up to local, state, and national fire safety codes. In most cases however, using one fire protection compliance company can be beneficial for property managers, hospitality groups, retailers, or any business that has multiple locations or facilities nationwide. There are a bunch of benefits to using one nationally recognized company for all of your fire protection compliance needs. Some of the main benefits of using one company over multiple, smaller local companies are:

Centralized Control

A solid nationwide fire protection compliance company offers you one hub for all of your fire protection needs for your buildings. Having one company to deal with removes the hassle of having to contact multiple companies to service your fire safety equipment, fire suppression systems, sprinklers, and any signage you have in your facilities.

Professional, Hands On Management

One nationally recognized company will have better trained upper management. What you need for your locations nationwide is a company that takes their reputation seriously on a national scale. Fire safety compliance why we handle all your fire protection needs with such a high level of care, and have satisfied client testimonials to prove it.

24/7 Service

Smaller companies won’t always offer 24/7 service, this means that they won’t always be there to support your locations when you need them. If you have an issue with one of your fire safety systems, you need to know that someone is there to respond to your call, even after hours. Fire protection support should be around the clock.

Factory Trained And Fully Licensed Technicians

Larger, national companies like FireServ offer management, servicing, and maintenance of all types of fire protection and life safety equipment from professionally trained technicians. All of our fieldwork is performed by experienced individuals from our CCA network. When comparing the benefits of national companies vs. local companies, the list goes on and on. One centralized fire protection compliance company can reduce headaches, costs, and ensure better service for your buildings. If you manage multiple locations nationwide, and need a reliable fire protection compliance company, contact FireServ today. We offer up front pricing, and are fully committed to long term, superior service for companies that require nationwide management of their fire protection & life safety requirements.

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