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Why You Should FireServ & Protect Your Family

Preventing Potential Fire Hazards: The Basics

Most of us don’t overthink certain things in life. Whether it be changing the oil on your car, or mowing your lawn, there are just some things we do because “it’s what you’re supposed to do.” There are definitely certain things that we need to do in order to enjoy a comfortable or safe car ride. There are things we need to do in order to enjoy a lawn that isn’t an eye sore or a liability to our family or neighbors as well. While we often do a lot of things we “need to do,” we don’t always do the things that we “should do” sometimes, especially when it comes to preventing basic fire hazards in your place of business. Here are some things to think about:

How Clean Are The Hallways, Walkways, and Floors?

Whether things are going well, or things are going bad, sometimes it’s easy for us to overlook something as simple as “cleaning up” a certain area, or making sure things are put away. In fact, many fires can start because of an errant spark that could have been prevented.

Are you or your employees making sure you clean all work and floor spaces before closing? Are you or your employees making sure there is room to move around in case of an emergency? Are all fire exits, safety equipment, and first aid kits easily accessible? Common areas you should always clean up and check on before the end of every single workday include:

  • Turning Off Electronics. Many times, we don’t think something as simple as a stack of papers, or snack wrappers and running electronics are that big of a deal. That being said, what happens if something malfunctions when no one is there? What if an errant spark touches a stack of papers that was left out next to a running machine (computer, or other machine)? This is why checking any and all electronics before the end of every workday is essential!
  • Keeping Designated Smoking Areas Far Enough Away From The Building. Think about it. Depending on the size of your business, and the amount of people who may enjoy a cigarette outside of your business, you may need a smoking area or two! Whether it’s employees or customers, having these designated smoking areas is sometimes essential to protecting your business from potential fire hazards. That said, you generally want to keep these smoking areas at least 25-30 feet away from your building(s). You also want to make sure the disposal/receptacles are covered as well.
  • Covering/Hiding Loose or Exposed Wires and Cables. Many electrical fires are caused by exposed wires and cables that aren’t properly covered or hidden away. When wires or cables become exposed, they are often-times at risk of being damaged. Covering these wires and cables or keeping them bound and contained safely can prevent most of the possible damage that can occur.
  • Keeping Your Building Up To Code & Then Some. Do more than the bare minimum to pass an inspection. ”Little things” that are potential fire hazards need to be addressed before they become a “bigger thing”. You never know what may or may not cause potential fire damage at your businesses. Do you have something that could be fixed or worked on? Get it fixed and worked on before it’s too late!

Something To Remember

Have safety measures in place for you, your employees, and your business. Having you and your employees well prepared to handle certain situations is helpful. Don’t trust outdated or basic methods of fire prevention to your business safe! Trust the experts at FireServ to help serve you and your business with the some of the best fire protection services in the industry. Making sure your building is safe, inspections are up to date, and you’ve taken care of all the “small things” that can cause a fire, will ultimately help prevent most fires.

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