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Why is it essential to employ fire safety measures in healthcare facilities?

Fire accidents can cause considerable amount of damage to life as well as property. The damage caused by an accidental fire can be more in a healthcare facility as compared to any commercial setting.

Ailing patients do not have the ability to react swiftly in such situations. Therefore, arises the need to have fire safety measures such as fire sprinkler systems and various other preventive measures installed in the vicinity. Having fire safety and prevention measures installed in hospitals and other healthcare facilities is of utmost importance. Hospitals contain a wide range of medicines, hazardous chemicals, and oxygenated supplies which if not handled attentively, can become the source of an accidental fire. Taking preventive measures in order to curb the damage caused by accidental fires in such facilities should be the topmost priority of the management. Nothing should be more crucial that the health and safety of the patients admitted in the hospital and every possible step should be taken for this purpose respectively.

According to a report submitted by the NFPA on fire accidents that took place in hospital facilities, a surge in the accidents can be seen between the years 2003-2010. However a rise in the accidents was witnessed each year after 2010.

At Fire Serv, we believe that nothing is more precious than life. Therefore, we curate fire

sprinkler systems and various other fire safety equipment to protect the damage caused to property and life by an accidental fire. We, in our equipment offer high quality sprinkler system designs and services such as installation, repair, maintenance, and inspections to ensure that your commercial or residential setting is in compliance with local, state, and national fire safety codes and regulations.

Below mentioned are the reasons stating why is it essential to employ fire safety measures in healthcare facilities.

Having a pre-planned action plan: It is essential to have a pre-planned action plan ready in situations where you might face accidental fires. Having a detailed plan will certainly help in taking quick actions under such circumstances. Make sure that every department of the hospital is well versed with the plan.

Instructing the management responsible for fire safety: Involve the fire safety management in the planning of the hospital. They will suggest the right ways of handling the equipment.

Evacuation tools and techniques: Evacuating a hospital in times of emergency can prove to be a very challenging task as there are so many patients admitted and the safety of their life is the priority. It is recommended to install evacuation mats and sheets in this regard.

We, at fireserv , offer a wide range of fire safety equipment at affordable prices. We lay special emphasis on the proper installation of the fire safety equipment and ensure that no extra cost is incurred for the fire protection systems.

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