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Why Getting Your Fire Sprinkler Systems Expertly Installed Is So Important!

Many people are also unaware of the negatives or drawbacks involved with not hiring a company that can provide them with quality fire sprinkler installation services. That doesn’t make sprinkler systems any less important, however. In fact, the majority of sprinkler systems out there have a pretty good track record when it comes to protecting life and property. This is because sprinkler systems have also been around for well over 100 years and have stood the test of time as an amazing way to combat most fires. Ultimately, we understand that protecting your business should always be one of your top priorities in life. We’ve also made it a top priority for us here at FireServ as well.

Now, perhaps you already have a quality fire protection or safety system installed in your business? If this is the case, then you’re hopefully already well prepared to protect yourself from any potential fire issues both now and in the future. If that’s not the case, you may want to read on and learn why getting your fire sprinkler systems expertly installed is so important!

Did You Know?

When it comes to water damage during a fire, there is more damage caused by the Fire Hoses used by firefighters than by most sprinkler systems.” That’s right! You are actually more likely to incur damage as the result of a high pressured blast from a firehose than from the steady flow of water coming from a sprinkler system. This, of course, is obviously due to the differences in water pressure and intensity between the two. It’s also a reason why most businesses invest in our fire sprinkler systems and prefer our expert fire sprinkler installation services over most others. We stand by every system we install and we stand by our work as well.

Here’s another important thing to consider...

With most systems, the sprinkler heads are individually activated when building temperatures rise above 155 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is an important thing to note because most property fires are typically protected or controlled by one sprinkler head. In fact, over 90% of all fires are controlled by six or fewer heads. Various studies conducted throughout the over 80 years of automatic sprinkler use have also found that over 82% of fires have happened in buildings that were protected or controlled by fewer than 3 sprinkler heads. That’s a pretty high percentage of fires that could have potentially been avoided or limited damage-wise if those properties were more adequately prepared. This is why trusting the experts at Fire Serv could “serve you well.”

Give yourself a little more peace of mind...

Our modern times have provided us with many new methods of communication, transportation, and have improved our overall quality of life as well; and while we’ve also been given us new ways to protect ourselves from unseen or preventable harm, there are some proven methods of protection that are simply timeless. This includes fire sprinkler systems and the quality installations you can receive when you find a company you can trust to provide you with those services. When it comes to getting quality installation services for the fire sprinkler systems you need, you can always trust the experts here at Fire Serv to give you the best services available.

Are You In Need Of Quality Fire Sprinkler Installation Services?

Be sure to get in touch with the fire sprinkler experts that you can trust! Fire Serv is a fully licensed and insured company that is widely recognized as being one of the top fire protection & prevention specialists in the country. Get in touch with one of our specialists for more information and we’ll give you a fast/accurate estimate on how you can take the next step towards protecting your business today. You can give us a call today at (800) 567-5740.

Since 1999, FireServ has provided cost-effective, nationwide management of fire and life safety systems for companies that operate multiple locations. Several factors go into Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Sprinkler Installation, and getting quality Fire Sprinkler Maintenance. Our responsibility is to ensure that proper fire and safety equipment has been provided to each of our client’s locations and that the equipment is serviced and maintained properly within the guidelines of local, state and national codes, as well as manufacturer’s specifications.”

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