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Why Getting Your Fire Extinguisher Inspected Is Important!


A fire can happen when you least expect it. This is why for many, a fire extinguisher can be the first line of defense in a fire emergency. It is imperative that your fire extinguisher is up to code, maintained and ready to go in case of a fire. FireServ ensures that all of your fire extinguishers across any of your commercial and residential properties are tested and maintained periodically by our certified fire protection specialists. If your property is in need of fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance services in New Jersey, then FireServ is your go-to team to provide that service for you.


If a fire were to happen you would want to make sure that your fire extinguisher wasn’t working properly it could lead not only to damage to your property and investments but could lead to serious injury or result in the death of you and others.


FireServ has been offering high-quality fire extinguisher services for NJ and across the United States since 1999. An advantage of aligning yourself with FireServ is that we will ensure that your fire extinguisher is up to state and national code and that it is meeting all of the fire and life safety requirements. Whether you need FireServ to manage your one location or 60 we can guarantee that you will receive the same high-quality service at each of your locations.


It is crucial that you have safety measures put into place for your properties. You shouldn’t rely on outdated methods for fire prevention. It is why we strongly recommend a thorough inspection performed by one of our fire safety experts. Our expert team at FireServ are some of the best fire protection experts in the industry. They will make sure that any aspect no matter how small it might seem is taken care of so it can ultimately help in preventing any type of fire for your property. Getting a quality fire extinguisher service done in New Jersey shouldn’t be a difficult task, especially when FireServ is there to provide that service for you.


If you are in need of fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection services in NJ, you should get in touch with one of our experts. We are the leading fire prevention system specialists in NJ, and our experts are here standing by here to help you by giving you any information, and estimates. So call us today at (800)567-5740 and let FireServ implement a fire safety plan for your property.

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