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What You Need To Know About Fire Sprinkler System Inspections

The fire sprinkler system is an automatic system designed to activate when there is a fire threat to minimize any personal and property damages. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the risk of death was reportedly 87% lower in properties with sprinklers than those with no automatic fire extinguishing system. Fire sprinkler installation is not only needed to stay in compliance with fire safety requirements, but it’s also essential to save lives in case of a fire emergency. At FireServ, we provide reliable fire sprinkler inspection services to ensure you and your commercial property stay protected from any fire hazards.

When considering fire sprinkler system installation, there are a few things that you must evaluate, such as:

Sprinkler types

There are various types of sprinklers available in the market to suit your commercial building needs. There are many factors such as the size of the building, building structure, and other factors that need to be considered while choosing the right sprinkler system. Therefore, it is best to consult with a certified professional to assess your building’s needs and determine which type of sprinkler system would be best suited for your property.

Water supply

A sprinkler system is a water-based fire suppression system. Therefore, proper arrangements need to be made to ensure that the sprinkler system has an adequate water supply in case of a fire emergency. You will need to employ some electrical control valves to control the water pressure to ensure there is enough water supply when there is any fire threat.

Regular inspection

The fire sprinkler system also needs regular monthly inspections for a few months following installation to ensure everything is operational. The routine checks and testing need to be done by a certified professional for quality assurance. Depending on your commercial business’s nature, you may need to schedule regular inspections every six months or annually.

Regular maintenance

Whether your fire sprinkler system has been in use or not, it still requires regular maintenance services. If the sprinkler system has not been in use, there might be grime, and dirt which may create blockages in water heads, resulting in jammed up electrical control valves, or other technical issues without your knowledge. A professional will inspect and conduct full system testing to ensure your system is well maintained and equipped to handle any fire hazard.

A fire sprinkler system can generally slow down the fire giving you enough time to escape safely and minimize property damages. If you are looking to get a fire sprinkler system installation or need to book a fire sprinkler inspection, feel free to contact our certified professionals.

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