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Tips for Maintaining Your Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Restaurants have large kitchen equipment like a stove, fryer, & grills, etc., which are used every day to cook a lot of food. As many activities involving fire take place simultaneously in the restaurant kitchen, it is vital to practice a safety routine in restaurant kitchens. Even a small mistake can turn into a fire disaster. However, even if the staff is following the safety procedures, accidental fires can still happen. Therefore, it is vital to be ready for an emergency and keep your restaurant fire suppression system well-maintained to ensure everyone’s safety.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your restaurant’s fire suppression system to reduce the chances of a fire:

Book regular inspections

As the kitchen is a hazard-prone area, it is crucial to book regular fire suppression system inspections to ensure the system is operating and well-maintained at all times. It is advised to book a complete fire suppression system inspection for the restaurant kitchen at least once every six months. The assessment must be carried out by a licensed professional twice a year for your commercial property’s safety as per the recommended state and federal fire safety guidelines.

Follow proper cleaning & safety procedures

It is essential to use caution while operating kitchen equipment, keeping it clean, well-maintained, and following all safety procedures properly in the commercial kitchen by all. If the proper cleanup procedure is not followed, the fire suppression system can accumulate grime and grease build-up over time. It can cause a system failure. Therefore, it is vital to ensure all cooking equipment is clean and well-maintained to reduce any risks.

Train employees for emergencies

Even when your employees are taking all necessary precautions, an accident can still happen anytime. Therefore, it is essential to train your employees about the fire suppression system and manual activation in case of an emergency. Your employees must be clear about the proper fire safety procedure and what to do in an emergency.

Keep a fire safety backup system.

It is always smart to keep a backup suppression method like fire extinguishers near the cooking stations or hazard-prone equipment. It can help suppress small fires in case of an unexpected situation, like - if there is a fire suppression system failure, etc.

Consult a certified technician before major renovations

In case you ever need to make any renovations to the kitchen lineup, it is recommended to consult with a licensed fire safety technician. The fire suppression system is usually explicitly configured according to your kitchen lineup to protect your kitchen equipment. If there’s any change in the kitchen lineup, it will need to be reconfigured according to the new lineup.

Conduct monthly visual inspections

In addition to following the above tips, It is also recommended for restaurant owners or restaurant managers to perform a monthly visual inspection of the fire suppression system. Ensure to check any grease clogs, damaged nozzle caps, etc., in the monthly checks. If anything looks suspicious, it is best to contact our licensed experts at Fire Serv, fire service providers, to prevent any potential damage.

Following the above tips and scheduling regular maintenance and servicing from expert technicians at Fire Serve will ensure your restaurant business’s safety. If you want to book an inspection from a certified technician, get in touch with our team today.

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