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Steps To Carry Out An Effective Fire Drill

The importance of conducting a fire drill in any commercial setting where people are employed and customers are entertained on a routine basis cannot be denied. Conducting fire drills is an essential part of a business.

Many people do not understand the concept of carrying out a fire drill as they are not aware of the benefits associated with it. However, it is a great practice for safeguarding the interests of the employees working in a respective commercial setting.

A fire drill effectively undertakes fire extinguisher testing and check the fire extinguisher maintenance. According to the Fire Safety Order of 2005, it is a legal requirement to practice fire drills in every commercial setting and all employees must participate in the drill.

What is the importance of practicing fire drills in a workplace?

There are a plethora of reasons that signify the importance of a fire drill in a commercial setting. Not only does it demonstrate what steps should a person take when stuck in a fire mishaps, it also creates a safe atmosphere for individuals to work in.

Below mentioned are some reasons that explains the importance of practicing fire drills in a workplace.

  1. Conducting a fire drill is an opportunity to learn about the steps to take during a fire mishap.
  2. It is a practice that ensures that all the employees are familiar with the whole evacuation process
  3. The employees are taught about the right techniques of fire extinguisher testing
  4. Practicing proper Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
  5. Proof testing escape routes and emergency exits
  6. Enhancement of safety measures
  7. Curbing property damage


When should you conduct fire drill? You should conduct a fire drill at least twice every year. This will also depend on the risk assessment of your company. If your organization has different work shifts, ensure that every employee attends the drill and learns about the potential techniques of correctly using the fire safety equipment.

How to prepare for a fire drill?

When making amends to conduct a fire drill, you must have a definite motive. It could be the construction of a safe escape route or some major pin-point locations where the fire extinguishers will be placed.


A fire drill should be performed under proper supervision. For this, you can appoint a team of fire marshals, deputy in charge, and a chief marshall. It is important for the marshals to undergo proper training and know about their respective duties during a real fire mishap.

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