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Restaurant Fire Safety Tips To Keep The Customers And Employees Safe

We all know that commercial kitchens function in a very high risk environment. As per the studies conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA), fire mishaps in drinking and eating outlets were accountable for more than 110 civilian deaths and injuries. Approximately $165 million worth of property was damaged. Between the years 2010-14, the total number of fire mishaps in restaurants reached 7,400. Statistics say that 60% of these fire mishaps took place in a commercial kitchen because of negligence.

Most of the fire accidents resulted in full shut-down of various restaurants were because of lack of recovery. It is thus important to install restaurant fire suppression systems to prevent such accidents from happening.

Maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances and upkeep of equipment
Studies project that approximately 26% of fire accidents originated because of electrical appliance malfunction. Thus, it is important to take preventive measures to curb the damage caused by fire accidents in a restaurant setting.

Below mentioned are certain preventative tips that focus on safeguarding two key areas namely, the appliance installed in your kitchen such as exhausts and the restaurant fire suppression systems.

Keep the fryers away from open flame equipment: As per a report by the NFPA, deep fryers were the cause of fire in 1 out of 5 fire breakouts. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your deep fryers at least 16 inches away from open flame equipment or set up a vertical divider that separates your deep fryers and open flame equipment. This helps you ensure that hot oil from deep fryers does not splash onto the open flame.

Conduct restaurant fire suppression inspections: In order to prevent the occurrence of any fire mishaps, it is of utmost importance to conduct fire suppression inspections. Inspections help in ascertaining if there are any damaged equipment parts which require repairs or replacements. With the help of inspections, you will be able to know if the switch boards, deep fryers or open flame gas burners need to be repaired.

Clean the equipment regularly: With excessive usage, the equipments get coated with grease and oils, which can lead to a huge fire breakout in a restaurant. It is thus essential to clean them from time to time..

Get damages equipment repaired: With modernization, commercial kitchen tools and equipments have become more complex to use. It is a necessity to practice repairs and maintenance by appointing a professional company. It is recommended to avoid self-examining and repairing any kitchen appliance.

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