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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems: Why Are They Important And Necessary And What Are Its Components?

Whether you own a restaurant or a hospital kitchen, you need to ensure that your kitchen is equipped to handle accidental kitchen fires. As a matter of fact, fire accidents are more likely to happen in a restaurant than nearly any other kind of commercial place since there is continuous exposure to high heat in a commercial kitchen. Kitchen fire accidents have the potential to quickly engulf the kitchen in flames if not handled on time. This is where a kitchen fire suppression system comes in handy. Kitchen fire suppression systems provide a unique way of controlling and suppressing fire hazards.

Following are a few reasons why a fire suppression system is important and necessary for commercial kitchens:

  • Kitchen fires can escalate fast and can get out of control in the blink of an eye. The fire caused by the cooking oils and grease buildup is not easy to dispel using any ordinary fire extinguisher. Therefore, a specialized fire suppression system and Class ‘K’ fire extinguishers are needed to prevent the fire from escalating.
  • A kitchen fire suppression system is also crucial to ensure personnel safety. The commercial kitchen fire suppression system is usually installed directly above each individual cooking station. It makes it easier to contain the fire in a specified area.
  • Moreover, a commercial kitchen is equipped with tools and equipment, which are very expensive and any damages can cause huge losses for the restaurant business. Having a commercial fire suppression system in place can help reduce the risk of property and equipment damages. Fire suppression systems are specially designed to put out fires in commercial kitchens without ruining the food and produce.

A kitchen fire suppression system has various components that you should get yourself familiar with before investing in one.

Components of a commercial fire suppression system

A fire suppression system consists of the following components:

  • The fire suppression agent storage cylinder (Carbon dioxide, dry chemicals, wet mist, or sprinkler system)
  • Remote/manual activation system
  • Supply piping
  • Kitchen Hood

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