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How to Maintain Optimal Fire Safety in a Healthcare Facility?

Fire prevention is vital for the safety of life and property, and its importance is the most impactful in two industries – healthcare and commercial kitchens. While restaurant fires are extremely dangerous and spread quickly, healthcare facilities’ fires can be devastating. Therefore, fire prevention in medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, and isolation wards today, are critical life-saving measures.

In planning a fire-safe healthcare facility, the primary safety measure is to put strategic safety exits and fire suppression equipment in place to ensure adequate fire protection protocol is followed. Additionally, mentioned below are some fire safety measures every medical facility must adopt to prevent fires:

Ensure Kitchen Suppression Systems Are Functional.

The NFPA consistently reports the dangers of healthcare fires starting from kitchens. The three pillars of preventing fires starting from kitchens are adequate fire protection equipment installed, trained staff members, and ensuring no gas outlet is left unattended. With FireServ’s fire suppression systems like portable fire extinguishers and automatic fire sprinklers installation services, any fire hazard can be quickly contained before it becomes damaging for the occupants of the facility.

Keep The Fire-Fueling Elements Away.

A medical facility is the perfect breeding ground for a chemical fire. Any smoke or even a tiny spark near flammable chemicals can turn into an uncontrollable disaster. All patients and attendants must be monitored closely so that there is no compromise on the no-smoking rule. This is a necessary precaution to be strictly maintained.

Train Employees For Emergency Situations.

The staff at the healthcare facility bear the responsibility of not only providing medical care to the patients but also assisting in emergency procedures, such as evacuation in the event of a fire. The staff must be trained and mentally prepared to act accordingly in a distress call. Unplanned fire drills, scheduled training workshops, and educating all the healthcare employees on the safety protocol to follow are useful techniques in ensuring that patients are in safe and well-trained hands.

Lastly, maintenance of the fire suppression system with timely inspections and servicing is the final seal of fire-proofing a hospital, lab, or clinic from any potential fire incidents. Contact FireServ professionals to have the fire equipment services completed on schedule with our trained, licensed fire experts and maintenance technicians!


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