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Fire sprinkler systems for warehouse

Do you own a warehouse? If yes, then must take safety measures to protect it from fire incidents. You can’t afford the destruction of the warehouse by fire, as it may cause heavy damage to your business or even result in total loss. With fire sprinkler installation in your warehouse, you can prevent business loss due to fire. However, you must hire an experienced company to ensure proper installation of fire protection systems. At Fireserv, we are committed to providing our clients with the best and most reliable fire protection services.

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In-Rack Sprinkler System - Often, the fire inside a warehouse can quickly spread unless suppressed. With in-rack sprinkler systems in a warehouse, you can stop spreading of a fire within a specific rack storage area. Hence, preventing the fire from moving to other parts of the warehouse. In-rack sprinkler systems come with a network of pipes, which surround the racked structure and focus on a specific area.

ESFR Sprinklers - When it comes to Early Suppression, Fast Response - ESFR sprinklers, they are ceiling mounted systems, which are installed in warehouses. They are designed in such a way that they suppress a fire by releasing a large quantity of water on the fire. Unlike traditional fire sprinkler systems, Early Suppression Fast Response systems react faster using bigger water droplets. They can also replace in-rack sprinkler systems in warehouses. As compared to in-rack sprinkler systems, the ESFR system offer better fire protection. But, they have some limitations such as ESFR systems cannot be installed in certain building types or storage configurations.

Quell Sprinkler System - This type of fire sprinkler systems are usually installed in cold storage spaces or unheated warehouses. Quell sprinkler system are designed to protect highly crowded storage areas. They work by surrounding the protected area and release large volumes of water. With quell sprinkler system in the warehouse, you can eliminate the need for in-rack sprinkler components, giving you more flexibility with storage configurations.

These are the fire sprinkler systems you can install in a warehouse for fire protection. If you want to know more about fire safety measures in a warehouse, feel free to call us - Fireserv - (800) 567-5740. Besides fire sprinkler installation, we also deal in fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance.

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