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How does your fire sprinkler system works?

If you’re considering to install fire safety systems in your newly built commercial or residential property, fire sprinkler systems should be on the top list. Although fire alarms are the most commonly used in buildings for fire detection, by installing fire sprinklers you can reduce the risk of losing lives and property damage in the event of a fire accident. However, just installing fire sprinkler systems isn’t enough you also need to know they work to make sure they work properly in case of an emergency. Below we’ve explained how fire sprinkler systems are activated.

How do fire sprinklers work?

Fire sprinklers are usually attached to a network of pipes, and installed in ceiling corners or along walls. Nowadays, sprinklers come in various types, which can easily blend into the room. They are connected to a water main to release water as soon as possible in the event of a fire emergency. Sprinklers come with glass bulbs that are fixed in the fire sprinklers filled with a liquid or gas, which expands in heat. As these bulbs get heated up, causing the inside gas or liquid to expand. As a result, the bulb breaks and release the water, reducing fire smoke to let people escape and protecting the property.

In some cases, these bulbs can overheat and break when there is no fire. So let’s learn causes that trigger fire sprinklers to activate in the absence of fire.


There are instances when fire sprinkler bulbs get overheated when there is no smoke and flames associated with a fire emergency. Some of the activities that can accidentally activate the sprinklers include placing devices close to the sprinkler that emit a lot of heat like film cameras or construction lighting rigs. These devices can cause overheating of the bulb, which results in the system to release water. Therefore, you may experience damage to the property and the equipment. In certain cases, even a skylight too close to a fire sprinkler can lead to sprinkler overheating and eventually activation.

Manual activation

Yes, you can manually set off your fire sprinklers. If there is no fire or heat emission near the sprinkler, then a person would have deliberately destroyed the sprinkler system by heating the bulb and causing the fire sprinkler to activate. This is an unlawful act, therefore, fire sprinkler activation would be investigated.

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