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Fire Safety Tips: How to prevent fire hazards in the workplace?

Fire is one of the major causes of corresponding property damage and business interruption losses. Fire hazards pose a significant threat to business employees and property. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain fire safety in commercial property. Many people do not pay much attention to fire safety until a fire incident occurs. In most cases, a workplace fire can be prevented before there is any damage done if proper fire detection devices and prevention measures are taken. Fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and other fire safety devices can significantly prevent fire emergencies in the workplace.

Here are some fire safety tips that can help prevent fire incidents from occurring in the workplace:

1. Take preventive measures for potential electrical fire hazards

Unprotected electrical wiring, machinery, and equipment exposed to severe weather or harsh conditions are always at risk for short circuits, sparks from overheating, and other potential fire hazards. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that proper protective measures are being taken to avoid any potential fire threats. Unprotected wiring circuits must never be left unprotected, and machinery and equipment should be well-maintained to prevent possible fire emergencies.

2. Take proper precautions in handling or storing chemical-based substances

Chemical-based substances need to be handled and stored with proper care. Some chemical-based products need to be held at a specific temperature in an adequately ventilated area. If the proper instructions are not followed in any way, it can cause a potential fire emergency. Therefore, you should ensure the facilities are equipped with the right fire-extinguishers and fire alarm systems. Required signs such as no-flame should also be in place to ensure these rules are strictly followed to minimize the potential fire risks.

3. Ensure easy access to fire safety devices

Despite taking all the proper precautions, fire accidents can still take place. In that case, you must have a proper fire escape plan in place for your workers’ safety. You must also ensure that proper fire safety tools and devices such as fire alarm systems, sprinklers, or fire extinguishers are available on each floor and easily accessible by anyone to minimize potential damages.

4. Book fire alarm system inspections regularly by licensed professionals

Your fire system and fire safety devices must be operative and in the best condition to prevent emergency fire situations. Therefore, it is mandatory to book regular fire system inspections and testing for the fire alarm systems, fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other fire safety devices by a licensed professional. It is recommended to book a fire inspection every month or every 6 months, depending on your business’s nature, to ensure your fire safety system’s proper maintenance.

5. Keep designated smoking areas away from danger zones

Many employees working in your workplace might like to smoke. But, smoking can be a potential fire hazard, depending on the nature of your business. Therefore, it is best to have designated smoking areas where the employees can smoke freely. These must be located farthest from any fire danger zones. The rules should be in place to ensure there is no smoking outside the designated areas or no smoking at all in the workplace to prevent any potential fire hazards. There should also be preventive measures taken to avoid any open fires in winters etc., to minimize the fire risk.

FireServ provides an extensive range of high-quality fire detection devices, installation and inspection services from licensed experts for small and large businesses. If you want to know more about which fire safety equipment is necessary to prevent fire hazards in your workplace, need a fire alarm system upgrade, or need to book a fire system inspection by licensed professionals, contact us today!

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