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Fire extinguisher: 4 Ways to know it needs a replacement

You might have seen a bright red fire suppression equipment in the kitchen, closet, or garage. Often, people install fire extinguisher and don’t think much about it later. As fire extinguisher can save your life and your property from fire accident so you need to ensure that it’s working properly all the time. Therefore, regular

fire extinguisher inspections and maintenance is required because fire mishappenings can happen anytime. We, at Fireserv, offer extensive fire safety services such as fire protection system installation and maintenance. Typically, fire extinguishers come with a shelf life that lasts for 5 to 15 years. While you buy a fire extinguisher, always check the tag to know the manufacturer’s dates and the instructions. This will help you know how long your fire extinguisher will last with regular maintenance and care. If your extinguisher has a gauge, you must check it every month to determine whether it is charged properly to work in an emergency. On the contrary, older fire extinguisher without a gauge needs to be checked annually by professionals.

Let’s first learn when you need to replace your fire extinguisher It’s time to replace an extinguisher if you notice any of the following:

  • When the nozzle or hose of an extinguisher is ripped, cracked, or blocked with dirt or debris.
  • If the locking pin on the handle is unsealed or missing.
  • The handle of the extinguisher is broken or wobbly.
  • Or the hang tag or inspection sticker is missing.

Whether you own an apartment or renting one, the following tips will help you determine when your fire extinguisher need a replacement. Confirm with the manufacturer - Although most of the extinguishers come with a shelf life of 5 to 15 years, you can either check the label or confirm with the manufacturer when your extinguisher needs to be replaced.

You must check the pressure gauge on monthly basis - If you’ve recently rented an apartment, you might not know when a fire extinguisher was purchased, so always rely on the pressure gauge. For example, if your extinguisher’s needle falls inside the green area, it is working perfectly fine. However, if it falls somewhere else, it’s a sign that you need to replace it with the new. For people with older extinguisher without a gauge, taking professional advice is the best thing to do.

Look for the inspection sticker - Every extinguisher comes with an inspection sticker or hang tag that has a record of its maintenance checkups. If hang tag is missing, replace your extinguisher immediately.

Check for wear-and-tear - From a missing pin to a cracked hose or nozzle, and broken handle are some of the signs that tell your extinguisher needs a replacement.

With these tips, you can know whether your fire extinguisher needs to be replaced or not. If you’re looking for quality fire extinguisher services in NY , call us fireserv - (800) 567-5740.

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