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The Basics Of Fire Alarm Maintenance And Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire alarms make for an essential part of any setting. The importance of fire alarms cannot be denied. As simple as these fire safety equipment can be, they can literally be the deciding point between life and death. Only installing a fire alarm in any vicinity is not crucial, it is equally important to practice fire alarm maintenance.

Think of a situation where an accidental fire breaks out in your vicinity and you are unaware of this situation. You will certainly experience a lot of damage of property and if the situation worsens, there might even be loss of life. In order to prevent this damage, it is essential to install fire alarms and conduct fire alarm inspections as well. Along with a fire sprinkler system and various other fire safety equipment, the fire alarms installed will provide first degree protection from any mishappening that might result into lethal destruction. The fire alarms will detect an accidental fire as soon as it starts.

It is of no use if you have a fire alarm system installed but fail to practice maintenance methods. In order to keep your fire alarms in check, it is important to keep the systems always running and in-check.

At Fire Serv, we focus on providing our customers with the best fire safety services at affordable rates. We are your ideal solution in managing the fire protection and safety requirements. We thrive to deliver our customers the most reliable and pocket-friendly one-on-one service.

What Is A Fire Alarm Inspection?

The very first step in the fire alarm maintenance guide is the inspection.  The inspection is inclusive of a visual check on the installed fire alarm system. The inspections are necessary to ensure the smooth working of fire alarms. It will help in determining the pieces of equipment that are malfunctioning.

What Is Fire Alarm Testing?

The next step in the process is to test the fire alarm for compliant working. This is conducted to ascertain the response of the fire alarm in case of an accidental fire breakout. It is recommended to get the fire alarms tested on an annual basis. The alarm sensors should be checked first, after which the heat detectors should be checked.

We, at fireserv, impart nationwide fire protection compliance services to companies that have offices at multiple locations. We have a wide range of fire safety products such as fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire sprinklers, etc. Along with this, we also impart fire safety services such as fire alarm maintenance and fire alarm inspections.

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